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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Redemptorist Congregation recognizes the vital role of the Laity in the evangelical work of the Church. In the Redemptorist Province of Cebu, the Redemptorist Lay Cooperators (RLC) fully shares in the Mission of the Apostolate of the professed members of the Congregation. In order that they may be able to carry out their mission effectively, they need to have a holistic formation. In this way, they will be able to take an active part in working in the Lord’s vineyard. They need to develop in the measure proper to them as Redemptorist Lay Cooperators, the spirit, knowledge and skills required of those involved in the apostolate.

In the past annual RLC Assemblies, these lay cooperators have expressed the need for a more systematic and formal formation program to help them in the exteriorization of the knowledge on the basic content of the Christian message. They also articulated the need to learn some practical points on how to share or impart these messages to the people in the mission areas and in the parishes. Many feel that the formation program in the Apostolic Units (AU’s) has not adequately systematized the learning process of the RLCs. Even before, there were already initiatives by some professed Redemptorists respond to this need.

Thus, the Lay Secretariat, together with the Apostolic Secretariat, tried to respond to the above situation by initiating a special gathering of all RLCs, who have worked for at least five (5) years in the apostolate, to discuss on the matter. Fifteen (15) RLCs met in Bacolod City immediately after the Mission Colloquium on October 21-22, 1992. A proposal was made during that meeting.

In 1993, it was announced during the ReLCA that the Extra-Ordinary Council and the Chapter of the then Redemptorist Vice-Province of Cebu approved the ALFI proposal.

The Redemptorists in the Visayas and Mindanao was elevated from the Vice-Province to a Province in 1997.

The 2005 Chapter of the Redemptorist Province of Cebu has directed the Apostolic Secretariat (AS) that the ALFI be expanded and overhauled in view of the need to set up a more systematic, intensive and adequate initial formation program for the RLCs.


The Alphosian Lay Formation Institute (ALFI) is a program for the Redemptorist Lay Cooperators of the Redemptorist Province of Cebu. This Program is aimed at providing a holistic formation for the RLCs who need to take the co-responsibility with the professed members as sharers of the priestly, prophetic and kingly missions of the Church. It is a program at the Provincial level.

The main thrust of ALFI is to deepen the RLCs Christian faith and reflationship with God; to integrate this faith with social commitment that is essential in their service to the people. It also aims to widen and deepen the RLCs pastoral orientation and perspective in line with the Redemptorist Congregation’s Vision/Mission.


The basic methodology is to reflect on, analyze, systematize and to share experiences- and learn from these. The over-all methodology of the program is action-reflection-action where learning is based on reflection in one’s experience. This explains the necessity of area exposure as an important part of the whole formation program.

Time for prayer, reconciliation, retreat, Eucharistic celebration, spiritual direction, supervision evaluation and recreation will be essential elements in the program to help the RLCs be in touch with themselves and with the community they are serving.

The program is designed for the identified RLCs of the different apostolic units of the Province who expressed their desires to commit themselves in the mission of the Congregation.

The program is both formal and non-formal studies to run one (1) year. The participants commit to work with the Redemptorist Apostolate (Parish, Mission and Retreat) for a period of three (3) years after graduation.

The formation is to be conducted in live-in bases. This will be held at the St. Gerard Lay Formation Center, Ma. Christina Subdivsion, Brgy San Miguel, Iligan City.

The formation program will be headed by a Program Director. He is responsible for the direction of the program and the proper conduct of each course. Together with the ALFI staff, he will conduct regular evaluation and planning to make the program responsive to the needs of the trainees.


The ALFI Program strives to be holistic and integrative using the Redemptorist SAAAC Model in formation (Spiritual-Academic-Apostolic-Affective-Community) based on their deepened self-awareness and appreciation of their self-worth as persons and baptized Christians.

ALFI Students Batch 2009

ALFI Students Batch 2009


A man or woman, 20-45 years old, single, college graduate upon submission of application, faith-motivated and people oriented, who is willing to serve the people of God in the different Redemptorist Apostolate in the Province of Cebu (Parish, Mission, Retreat). Intellectually, physically and emotionally fit and possesses pastoral qualities.

  1. Entrance Examination (I.Q and E.Q) and Personal Interview
  2. Authenticated Birth/Baptismal/Confirmation Certificates
  3. Transcript of Records/Honorable Dismissal
  4. Physical Examination Certificate
  5. Recommendation in writing by any Redemptorist and regular lay Missionaries.


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