Upon the invitation of then Bishop EpifanioSurban of Dumaguete , the Redemptorist established its foundation in Dumaguete on June 13, 1958 . Bishop Surban envisioned,Redemptorist presence in Dumaguete City wuld provide a center of devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help as well as a new base for missions within Negros Oriental region. The Redemptorist community initially stayed at the old Manuel Teves Hospital compound, just a few meters away from the present foundation.

The present church and monastery were constructed during 1962-1966. In January 1970, the new parish of our Mother of Perpetual Help was inaugurated.

Early on , missions were given by the Redemptorist within the region . Yet,alng the years, the missions were stop while the parish ministry went on. However in 2001 , missions were once again being conducted by the Dumaguete  community.

The Dumguete foundation has also been the venue to some stages of the initial formation of Redemptorist throughout the years. For sometime ,  it hosted the postulancy stage, then the pastoral year for newly ordained Redemptorist , then the novitiate stage.At present , the postulancy stage is once again based in Dumaguete.

DC12This is also where the DumagueteRedemptorist Mission Team (DRMT) is based presently. It is strategically located for conducted mission is surrounding dioceses in  Negros, as well in Bohol and northwestern Mindanao .Composed of Redemptorist and lay missioners, the mission contributes to the local church by conducting missions. Based on the needs of the specific  mission area/parish During the past number of years, the DRMT has been to some parishes to some Dumaguete diocese in order to help in promoting parish consciousness, formation of lay leaders, strengthening of local communities/BECs, and other pastoral needs.

The apostolic engagement of the community provides a healthy environment for the formation of future Redemptorist. Thus in the recent years, the community in Dumaguete is also where the Redemptorist communal life, the postulants are at  the same time actively involved with their vocation parish, church and mission apostolates. Through their actual experience of the Redemptorist apostolic and communal life, it is hoped that they will be helped in their discernment with regards their vocation in life.

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