Contributors: Magin Ardena, Malou Bohol, Delfa Tatoy; Collated by Giftren Codaste

Restructuring Parish Programs

The Parish of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Dumaguete City is moving towards a restructured and well-established parish programs. Part of it is forming the following committees namely the Worship & Liturgy, Formation/Evangelization, Social Concern/ Services and Finance. In addition, we also elected a new set of Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Officers to help facilitate in fulfilling and achieving the programs.

Newly Launched Parish Programs

We launched the I Help Program (Doctors Referrals) which aimed to give medical assistance to persons who cannot afford consultation to a medical doctor. And at present we have eight (8) volunteer doctors. We have also strengthened the Integrated Oriental Community Health Home Care (IOHHC). We have an ongoing Herbal Medicine Preparation that makes (a) herbal capsules (dulaw, malunggay, panyawan, guyabano, kumintang, sili, ampalaya, lagundi, oregano, sambong, malunggay plus), (b) Powdered and Granulated Ginger Tea (salabat with or w/o sugar), (c) Herbal Tea (lagundi, sambong, tsaanggubat), and (c) Liniment Oil (panyawan, avocado). We also launched the Acupuncture Detoxification (Acudetox) that rendered service to ten (10) Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC’s) in the parish. They offer services daily except Sundays and wished to promote a healthy and balance well-being. We also form the health volunteers and give them inputs to be equipped with much knowledge and information like on disabilities and patients with stroke, lectures on human anatomy, and training on acupressure.

The Basic Ecclesial Communities were given an orientation and a skills training on Basic Community Organizing on March 13, 2016. Ms. Portia Sylvia Awayan was the guest speaker. After the said training, they will have a monthly meeting during the fourth Sunday of the month and decided to meet four times a year for reporting/updating, planning and formation.

RYM-Dumaguete Updates

With the help of Fr. Mateo Butlig, C.Ss.R, the Redemptorist Youth Ministry finally had a well renovated Youth Center which they now call ‘Scala.’

Picture6RYM-Dumaguete has successfully organized a Parish Youth Jam on November 6-7, 2015. It was an overnight activity held on the church grounds. The Hundred Roses for Mary was given as part of the gathering to “Make Her Known” to young people. Moreover, as part of the Youth Cares, the RYM-Dumaguete Local Coordinating Team had a Peer Counselling Seminar and workshop at Capernaum, Bacong, Dumaguete City on October 28-30, 2015. Ms. Portia Sylvia Awayan, gave inputs which could help the participants know the dynamics and the necessary skills journey with their peers. As a result, “Youth Cares” was established composing eight  (8) young members who were willing to share and listen to the concerns of the youth. Lastly, the Youth Encounter batch 3 took place on December 28-30, 2015 at the Sikap Building. There were 29 participants and was facilitated by members of the youth ministry who already underwent the Youth Encounter.

These programs were organized by Fr. Ryan Joseph Parantar, C.Ss.R which aimed to encourage active participation from the Basic Ecclesial Committees as well as to mobilize the people and parishioners. Our hope is to promote programs that will really empower and improve the skills and capacities of each one involved in the parish. In the upcoming months we hope to organize the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV)/NAMFREL, as well as the Voters Education to be conducted at the different Basic Ecclesial Communities for (One Good Vote),and the Poll Watcher Organizing.

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    I’m a RPT from the USA and would like to volunteer in the medical program. I wish I can help whenever I’m in the country…I go home every year and stays 4 weeks …. Let me know

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