For Good

by Dario T. Tupas

St. Gerard Majella Aspirancy Program

My journey in the Aspirancy is not just mere fun and laughter, but also one of deeper understanding of my heed to God’s call.  It was also a time that led me to a greater appreciation of gifts despite my weaknesses and limitations. On a personal note, there were really lots of times that I needed to adjust in coping with the teaching styles and learning modes in my philosophy classes. After long years of working as a classroom teacher, I am now dealing with philosophical ideas which demand deeper understanding. But I am always thankful for the support I have received from my community to pursue the passion of reading.

In the previous months, I have experienced some health problems but because of the care given to me by the community I was able to regain my strength and endurance. I also need to adjust in dealing with the diverse personalities in the community. What helped me appreciate this diversity is the counseling and the colloquium which were provided in formation for me to know myself more. The affective aspect of my life is nurtured and nourished even if I was wounded because of my past experiences; yet it has meaningfully and beautifully contributed in making me who I am now. Along with what I have mentioned above, it is God who held me and who upheld me to continue and persevere His calling.

What is more significant in the Aspirancy Program is the relationship I have built and established among my brother aspirants. We may come from different family orientation, different lifestyles and field of endeavors but we have joined together as one family, and have shared our life experiences with humility over criticisms, sacrifices over self-interests, acceptance over presuppositions, and love over misunderstandings given the limited time we were together.

But let me take a flip as I speak about letting go. Indeed letting go is a very hard human experience to accept, and the anxiety of separating ways is quite overwhelming. Human as I am, I tend to forget that we have different ways to answer God’s call in our lives. Somehow in the journey of unfolding myself in answering God’s call I was able to be with them with unforgettable lived memories. We may have parted ways as we continue our desires in life; but I will always treasure them as imprints in my heart. For God always finds His ways to us for good!

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