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Missiological Musings

Apart from the monotonous thump-thump from early morning, conditions can sometimes be somewhat trying. I’ve eaten more dried-fish and milled corn in the past month than in the previous ten years, but that didn’t bother me at all.


We had a consultation with all those connected with the Diocesan IP Ministry of the Diocese of Digos – with the attendance of Bishop Guillermo Afable, parish priests of parishes with big Lumad population and IP workers ...

Cebu Redemptorist Urban Mission Team

Our participation in God’s mission, as a mission team, is to help the people see, appreciate, tap and use their gifts and goodness to strengthen their Christian community.

Missiological Musings

by Fr. Colm Meaney, CSsR Me? I made a mistake? It was 6am and I was making the daily crossing between the gentle, entertaining reveries of the land of Orpheus (i.e., sleep) and the more serious responsibilities of our quotidian

Missiological Musings

by Fr. Colm Meaney, CSsR What a shock! The gospel in the mission area that particular evening was Mary and Martha (Luke 10). A few had shared, and I was holding forth on the richness of the text, especially those

Mission Musings

by Fr. Colm Meaney, CSsR A STEP AHEAD OF YOU LADS! “Padre, I anointed a dying neighbor”. The speaker was a pious housewife from Basak-San Nicolas, a former mission area of mine in Cebu. I was intrigued and asked for


by Fr. Claro Conde Diocesan Ethnic Coordinator and parish priest of St. Patrick (Wooston) and Annunciation (Netley Abbey) Southampton SO19 9BD 30 November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan from UK TV footages and photos we see in the news about the Philippines

Missiological Musings

by Fr. Colm Meaney, CSsR A decision for restructuring at the global and regional levels is surely a timely priority: not just because of congregational demographics (falling numbers) but much more importantly as an expression of evangelical cooperation – a