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Discernment Retreat Reflections

I thought I knew myself before but unfortunately I was just merely memorizing through objective context because of fear and because part of me was deeply hurt and part of me was in denial. I have realized I need to

Motivated by Christ

I think this is the reason why the vocation ministry is so special because this ministry is an integration of suffering, hope and love the Risen Christ has for us. This gives us hope since this is the garden

Vocation Retreat Reflection

In the midst of the never-ending challenges and the consecutive miracles and graces in my life I realized I needed to thank God for all of His favor. I started to seek the right way to give back. There was

Way of Giving and Gratitude

One of our activities in Dumaguete Community is the Saturday Evenings with Redemptorists. Every month, on the 3rd and 4th Saturday evenings will be dedicated to help young people to discover and discern God’s calling in their lives.

Vocation Ministry

What really gives me consolation in this humbling ministry is the hospitality I experienced from different people from the different walks of life in the different places I had visited.

Vocation Year Culmination

By Provincial Vocation Office The special Year for the Promotion of the Redemptorist Missionary Vocation (Ano Vocacional Redentorista) which was launched last year on the occasion of the Feast Day of St. Alphonsus following the call of Father General Michael