Making Something Out of Mess

by Kenneth James Cagaanan (Postulant)

They say that “the life of the young people is like a house on a moving day, a temporary MESS.” Being attached to the trends of the world, engrossed with their stuff (gala with friends, social media, etc.), some of the essentials of life are taken for granted and are missed. It is barely hard for them to talk about life, self and God.

In September, we joined in a school mission in Bacolod, Negros Occidental, particularly in Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC) and Romanito High School. There were 12 missioners  who volunteered to be part of the youth mission. The missioners were divided into three sub-teams. Fr. Julius Martin Malacas animated the team composed of youth ministers from the Redemptorist Youth Ministry: 6 from Dumaguete City; 1 from Bacolod; 1 from Iloilo; and 2 Postulants from Dumaguete. There were also two youth volunteers from an NGO (CAJDEN) who joined us.

14199511_1512611255418963_6496866250819104504_nBased from the current trends of the world and the interests of the students, sessions were designed in such a way that students were able to reflect currents trends and youth situations. The sessions were geared to help college and high school students create something beautiful out of the seeming mess they are in. Perhaps because of too much attachment to the many trends that the world is imposing on the youth, the young students may find themselves in a “mess.” Believing that God can create something beautiful out of mess something beautiful has emerged in our sessions—life’s lesson.

During our mission in CHMSC, campaigns were made since we didn’t have the captured audience due to different schedules from students. We invited students to enroll in the tracks we offered. Each day, in CHMSC, we held two sessions (Morning and Afternoon) and different subteams took turns in facilitating the sessions. Students were participative and their interest in the sessions we offered were manifested in their constant presence throughout the whole week.

14225476_1514586935221395_4625529139844786343_nIn Romanito, another team was assigned there to hold sessions among the high school students. They conducted sessions also in the morning and afternoon. The youth mission was not only beneficial to the students of the schools we visited but also for us youth ministers. We were also enriched with our nightly sharing, processing and sessions for facilitators.  The mission ended with a bang because of the “flash mob” that were made in the two schools. A mass was then celebrated in Scala Retreat House followed by simple gathering and a meal together with some students from CHMSC and youth volunteers who helped us in the mission.

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