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Redemptorist Itinerant Mission Team (RIMT)

In the post-Vatican II era, a new type of popular mission had arisen with a different content influenced by Vatican II and the developments in the Philippine church of the martial law years. The methodology combined the elements of Basic Christian Community-building approaches and community organizing (CO). More time was needed to conduct the missions, so the timeframe was longer. From just a few months, the missions were extended to a full year in one parish alone. This and other reasons led a few confreres to think of exploring a new way of being a community of missioners. This led to a shift in the nature of the Iligan-based Redemptorist Mission Team. It needed to be independent of an established community with a foundation to make it even more mobile. Thus, the Redemptorist Itenerant Mission Team (RIMT) was born.

In 1990 the Vice-Provincial Chapter approved the “Redemptorist Itinerant Mission Community” on an experimental basis as an alternate way of living the Redemptorist Life. The members of the RIMT/C had no home-they resided in the area where they were giving mission. At the 1993 Chapter, after a positive evaluation, the RIMT, as another way of living a Redemptorist community life, was accepted in the Vice-Provincial of Cebu.

The Redemptorist Itinerant Mission Team (RIMT) consists of the Redemptorist Itinerant Mission Community (RIMC) and Lay missionaries who express the Redemptorist charism and identity through closeness with people by living with them in the local community. The very nature of the team is itinerancy, i.e. having no permanent domicile where they can lay our heads rather depends on the welcome and generosity of the host parish and its parishioners.

Since then, RIMT has conducted short and long term missions in the Archdiocese/Dioceses of Surigao, Marbel, Digos, Cotabato, Iligan, Pagadian and Dipolog. The RIMT gives witness to our Redemptorist life by living with the poor, sharing with them in their prayers, works, meals, recreation and rest; and in that context, they evangelize the poor and at the same time be evangelized by them.


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