Mission Teams

Cebu Redemptorist Urban Mission Team (CRUMT)

During the Chapter of 2008, the Redemptorists recognized the special needs of the urban poor and in order to respond to it a new pastoral initiative was taken. This was to set up a mission team, attached to an established community, that will give a special emphasis to the realities of urban centers. Following this direction,  the St. Alphonsus Apostolic and Formation Community of Cebu envisioned and established a team that will collaborate in the Church’s Mission leading to faith and life integration and the uplifting of the poor in the urban centers from a dehumanizing condition, and of forming a genuine Church of the Poor (PCP II). The attainment of this vision was through:
  • Proclaiming Christ’s plentiful redemption that is holistic : spiritual, human, moral, socio-political and economic
  • Witnessing and proclaiming the Gospel message of peace, justice and hope
  • Integration with the urban poor especially with workers, informal settlers, families of migrants and youth at risk
  • Working  with local Church in strengthening and renewing of existing BEC’s
  • Engage in organizing sectors and communities that will lead them to genuine conversion and uplifting dehumanizing conditions resulting from globalization and secularization (PCL).
Taking the mission priorities of:
  1. Evangelization and mission work to workers, informal settlers and other sectors identified therein.
  2. Integration and immersion with the urban poor families in the context of the BEC.
  3. Actively participate in parish programs as pastoral co-workers geared towards the formation and strengthening of BEC’s as directed by the (archdiocese and) parish thrust.
  4. Empowerment of the poor through Christian value formation and conscientization.
  5. Collaboration with agencies, GO’s and NGO’s in programs beneficial to the people in the mission areas.
  6. Sectoral organizing through a renewed faith community.
  7. Promotion of ecological awareness, health and well-being in the urban situation.
  8. Ongoing formation and updating of mission team members. 




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