Motivated by Christ

by Ms. Clayden Markiss


What is the indicator that you are called for religious life? How do you respond to that call? Is there a specific sign that you are called by Him? These are just the few questions asked by the youth these days when you talk about vocation specifically religious life.

As a vocation promoter, looking for concrete answers to these questions have always been a challenge for me because giving them the correct response to these questions may give them courage to respond to the call or to get scared and ignore it. That’s the reason why lay vocation promoters are being motivated to share Christ’s words, “Come after me and I will make you fishers of men (Mt 4:18-22).”

Most of the activities in Cebu (Apostolic Unit) is the school to school campaigns and setting up of the Redemptorist Vocation Booth, and offer basic ways to let the youth know about the Redemptorists. Last November was the vocation month in the Archdiocese of Tagbilaran. In connection with the activity, the vocation ministry went to Bohol and joined the week-long school to school campaign and parish postings. It was participated by the different religious and vocation promoters in every congregation. In an activity held in Holy Name University, there was a vocation forum attended by the college students, in which they participated in asking questions and clarified certain circumstances in their lives if it is one of God’s signs. In the Archdiocese of Cebu there were school to school campaigns in colleges and universities. Each promoter was given a time to share their congregation and attend to the questions of the students.

In the activity that has been participated by youth and the promoters, one would know the relationship they have with God and how that relationship is being nourished. This is one way of sharing ourselves to others by being an inspiration to them and be inspired by their sharing too. We may not be able to bring back with us an applicant that we can present to the acceptance board but at least we have that memorable experience to share in witnessing the work of God among ourselves.

I think this is the reason why the vocation ministry is so special because this ministry is an integration of suffering, hope and love the Risen Christ has for us.  This gives us hope since this is the garden of God’s love where its seeds of discovery for their vocation starts to sprout and grow as it has been nourished by Him. May it be for religious, consecrated life, married life or single-blessedness this ministry would help them lead the way God wants them to take.


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