Of Modules and Vocations

by Jon Rey Ismael Batayola (Novice)

We are now halfway on our journey in the Novitiate formation. Since the Day of Acceptance up to this moment, our canonical days were filled with lots of wonderful experiences and memories worth remembering and are discerned upon.

During the past months we devoted much of our time attending our EXODUS modules. EXODUS stands for EXchange Of Dreams in a Unified Struggle for Relevant Formation. The modules never failed to unveil certain parts of ourselves in need of growth and healing. We learned many things about ourselves. We were moved to a deep appreciation of celibacy and sexuality in our Human Sexuality class. We learned how to be free and to ‘exaggerate’ through the Theatre Arts. We knew our personality type through Enneagram. Our prayer life was enriched through Centering prayer and Body Prayer. Our sessions were not only academic but also therapeutic.

The EXODUS seminars did not only serve as an avenue of learning new things. It also opened the opportunity of establishing good relations with our fellow brother and sister novices in formation. It gave us the chance to journey with them in their struggles. Having friendly games or sports with some of them also strengthened our sense of camaraderie and brotherhood.

Aside from our EXODUS classes we also had classes in our novitiate house. Fr. Enos, C.Ss.R. taught us the Constitution and Statutes of the Redemptorist Congregation., Fr. Willy, C.Ss.R. also helped in our classes. He taught us the History of the Congregation.

All of our activities these past months helped us to a much deeper awareness of our individual selves. These also strengthened our relationship as one community here at the Common Novitiate of the Conference of Asia-Oceania. From days of adjustment, we are now on that phase of knowing each other more deeply and of understanding our differences and uniqueness better.

We continue to ask for your prayers as we move forward in this stage of our lives. May we grow more and continue to have a discerning heart, always ready to reflect on God’s workings and invitations for each one of us.

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