Icon Mission in Negros

Text written in Hiligaynon: Sang Petsa 4 tubtub Petsa 11 sang Disyembre tuig 2016 nahitabo ang Icon Mission sa Minapasok, Calatrava Negros Occidental...

Korea Region

This year's Solemnity of Christ the King marks the Thanksgiving Day for the Bonghwang Catholic Chaplaincy and the Bonghwang Redemptorist community.

Missiological Musings

by Colm Meaney, CSsR What a relief to have good news to report from the place which I had re-named Doomaguete when the going was tough. That was when the main priorities here were putting up new curtains for the

Some Memories Never Fade

Visiting the places where St. Alphonsus and the early Redemptorists lived and conducted missions was so inspiring. I could not imagine the hardships and sacrifices that they had to make.

For Good

My journey in the Aspirancy is not just mere fun and laughter, but also one of deeper understanding of my heed to God’s call. It was also a time that led me to a greater appreciation of gifts despite

Mini Course to Discourse

Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it. These are the words used by Pope John Paul II to