by Joey Trillo (Postulant)

The postulants joined the Eastern Visayas Redemptorist Mission Team (EVRMT) on the third phase of their mission in St. Raymond Nonnatus, O. De M. Parish in Arteche, Eastern Samar last August 28 until September 15, 2013. The experience enabled them to experience the presence of God working among the people, and their  own sense of mission or being sent by Christ to participate in the work of the Congregation.

The four postulants were divided among the three sub-teams of the EVRMT. Leony Cajilig became part of the group of Fr. Shaun Silagan, C.Ss.R. and Diobert, a seminarian in the diocese of Borongan, in Brgy. Beri. Then, Joey Trillo joined Fr. Gary Alvarado, C.Ss.R. and Juan Julius Salado, a lay cooperator, in Brgys. Catumsan and Aguinaldo. On the other hand, Dominic Simbajon and Jose Lemuel Nadorra were part with the group of Fr. John Michael Salatandol, C.Ss.R. and Rev. Hans Christian Custodio, a deacon in the diocese of Calbayog, in Brgys. Bato and Tangbo. For three weeks, they were involved in organizing several bible-sharing groups, restructuring the chapel leaders, and  catechizing the community on the fundamental teachings of the church, including Christ, Christian Anthropology, Church BEC, Sacraments, Mary).

On September 15, the Redemptorist mission in St. Nonnatus end with a mass celebrated by Msgr. Crispin Varquez, Bishop of Borongan. It was followed by a thanksgiving party in the Brgy. Central  multi-purpose hall where everybody had the chance to do the Curatcha, a popular folk dance within the region.

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