This Season of Generosity

By Sem. Laurenz J. Villarubia

Mixed feelings are felt when Christmas season is coming for we know that Christmas is a time of joyful celebrations, long Christmas vacations and exchanging presents with our loved ones. It is a season wherein we see the horizon filled with hope as we celebrate the coming of Jesus. By this, we experience the great generosity of God who gave his only son for us to be saved.

Because we are partakers of such generosity, it is our mission also to become generous to God and others; to have an open heart to give and to share even in the little things we have.

In our community, in Saint Alphonsus Collegiate Formation House, as part of our Christmas celebration this formation year 2015-2016, we tried to be generous in sharing our talents and using it to inspire others. We decorated our House with recyclable materials as a response to the call of the encyclical letter of Pope Francis, the “Laudato Si”, to help preserve Mother Nature. In this little and simple way we want to inspire other people to care for our environment.

We had our Christmas party. We exchanged gifts with our friends, teachers and directors in the seminary. It brought joy and the spirit of giving was felt in the air. But we are always reminded that being generous does not limit only on material things that we can give, but the most important thing is that we have a generous heart that is capable of giving.

During our vacation, all seminarians went back to their own families in their own places. It is pleasing to say that being generous for us does not limit only inside the seminary, but extends even in the deepest part in our heart which we can carry it with us wherever we go. It becomes an essential part of us if we allow ourselves to be open for it.

As I reflected on what to write in this article about giving, I have come to realize that the greatest gift that we can give to God is our own self. Offering one’s self to God may entail a lot of sacrifices, but these sacrifices can be a way to show our gratitude to God. Giving, offering and surrendering everything gives meaning to our lives which God has given us. Giving is part of loving.















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