Vocation Retreat Reflection

by Kevin David Castaňos

Young Professional

As an individual who dreamt of becoming‎ a doctor, the idea of joining a religious order may be interpreted as comical. However, there was a paradigm shift in my values and purpose in life when it came to my sense.

In the midst of the never-ending challenges and the consecutive miracles and graces in my life I realized I needed to thank God for all of His favor. I started to seek the right way to give back. There was even a time I included myself in a weekly gathering of people from all walks of life in a church. It took only one session for me ‎to reflect I wasn’t satisfied with what they do until I was routed to experience Vocational Retreat organized by the Redemptorist.

During this encounter it was like a turning point in my life because something inside of me awakened. Fr. Tobin, C.Ss.R did a great job extracting my personal spiritual inquiries. In fact, it was like he dissected my mind, looked at those seas of questions and answered almost all of them. I was able to identify more of myself and it turned out a little bit of a shape similar to Jesus. Of course, I definitely doubted for I knew it was just a hunch.

I began to use those “what ifs” and thought that the person I am dealing this particular moment of life is Jesus, the son of God who saved me numerous times and worshiped ‎by my parents, grandparents and ancestors. The milieu of the place and that extra time had provided me to discern more and allow the Holy Spirit to enter wholeheartedly. I decided that if I pass the exam, I would give it a shot and give Jesus a chance to mold me. Most of all, I reckon this as my salvation.


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