Young Redemptorist Gathering

Young Redemptorist Gathering Photo Journal

September 27-30, 2013

Picture27Delegates: (Cebu) Geovanne Quibol, Julius Martin Malacas, Richie Cuaton, Ryan Joseph Parantar (VP Manila) Remar Soliza, Leo Mar Arenillo, Bryan Espejo, Dennis Despues, and Kristoffenson Alea

After grueling hours of travel, we arrived at Brgy. San Vicente, Bislig City in the middle of nowhere at quiet, rustic Florland Resort with its swimming pools.




The following day, we listened to Bishop Manny Cabajar, C.Ss.R. on his topic “Mission and New Evangelization”. We appreciated his stories of his previous mission experiences. Truly, the best way to inspire the young is through witnessing a life of integrity and courage.



The remaining days of the gathering were spent on strengthening our bond as confreres and enjoying the beauty of nature. We visited the Tinuy-an Falls, the Enchanted River in Hinatuan and spent overnight in the Sibadan Fish Cage Resort. Days were well spent in listening to the stories of each one and feasting on the cut-rate seafood!

  • Sunday Eucharist in the parish of Fr. Paeng Batolino, in Forest Drive, Bislig








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